Anonymous was like: do you happen to know bastille's set list for their current tour?? 


A lovely stormer (bastilleislyfe) was able to grab a copy from the first show, which can be found here, I’m not sure if it’s stayed the same for every show, but it’s a pretty good idea of what they’re playing at least :)




Okay Stormers,

It’s time to prove to the boys that they are the best Alternative Rock! 

Bastille is nominated for the American Music Award for Favorite Artist - Alternative Rock!

You can go here to cast your vote, however a Facebook account is required to register.

Get to voting and spread the word! You can vote once per day!

The award show will air on ABC live on Sunday November 23rd at 8:00PM EST


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imagine your icon has suddenly, inexplicably, become your legal guardian

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